Why is it necessary for me to use a glass table cover?

Glass table covers are used to protect your furniture from scuff marks and scratches, which will require future maintenance. To avoid this expense, we highly recommend the use of a glass table top cover. This glass cover protects your valuable possession without detracting from its beauty. Using a glass table top cover will help to protect your furnishings such as marble, wooden or metal table surfaces from various accidents such as stains, dings and more. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy the use of your table without needing a table cloth or placemats because the glass is resistant to heat and can easily tolerate a hot casserole dish from the oven. Not even placing hot coffee mugs or other dishes on the glass top will cause any damage.

Our glass table tops come with additional convenience to add further value to your purchase. They do not need regular polishing or waxing as a quick wipe down will be sufficient to keep it clean, which is much quicker and easier than keeping your marble or wooden surfaces clean. Our glass table tops are also available in ultra-clear glass. The best part is that your glass table top will continue to maintain its aesthetic appeal for many years to come, with minimal maintenance needed to keep it in tip top shape.

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